24 March Street Photography walk at Shum Shui Po
24 April Street Photography Walk  StudentPhotographs   Attendees: May, Clara, Hussain, Wing , Lenny, Anindam   Pho...
Expired Film
Expired Film
Did your film expire? Shoot it and have it color corrected or just leave it as it is.
CFP Lab In-House Film Processing Service
Holga x JCH Street Pan 400 black and white reversal process. Most have the film processed in black and white process.  This time we gave the film a shot with Reversal process and to show everyone the results.
Lensbaby Portraits on Film
A few years ago, when I was first getting into serious photography and before I started exploring analog, I purchased a Lensbaby Composer lens for my Canon DSLR.
Cuba on Ektachrome
Cuba on Ektachrome is about my travels to Cuba, where I shot 14 rolls of Kodak Ektachrome E100.
41st ICS Classica Camera Fair at Matsuya Ginza
41st ICS Classic Camera Fair at Matsuya Ginza   Vishal Soniji  Camera Film Photo's Founder   Every year I travel...
Get them started early

Get them started early, talk about encouraging young children to try photography but without guiding them to much, most importantly just to have some fun.  I talk about my 5 year old daughter that enjoys photography and you can notice improvements each time she uses the camera.

Lets give Bergger Pancro 400 120 a go

 2 years since the release of Bergger Pancro 400 and I decide to revisit the film to see how it keeps up with other films.

My Frist and Last time at Tsukiji

My First And Last Time At Tsukiji

Last August I visited Tsukiji fish market where the auction of tuna takes place and a place of where fresh catch is sold.  I talk about the opportunity I got to photograph at Tsukiji.