OKLAO - Panama Elida Estate Caturra Washed (Coffee Bean - 225g)

OKLAO - Panama Elida Estate Caturra Washed (Coffee Bean - 225g)

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OKLAO - Panama Elida Estate Caturra Washed (Coffee Bean - 225g)

Cultivated in Volcano Baru, coffee has notes of vanilla and distinct aroma (washed).

Tasting Note: Caramel、Lemon Citrus、Roasted Hazelnuts、Apple、Rosa

Growing Region: Boquete
Altitude: 1,700M
Variety: Catirra
Soil Type: Vocano Soil 
Grade: SHB
Process: Washed Process
Man-made gather
Avg. Temp/Rainfall/: 22℃/2,800mm
Roast: Dark Roast

This coffee selection was grown in the Panama Elida Estate which boasts several unique environmental conditions. The coffee cherries were shade-grown and in an environment that emphasizes the conservation of bird habitats.

Furthermore, it employs an environmentally-friendly low water usage technique in the post-processing of the coffee. After washing the coffee, the beans were carefully picked by hand and laid on a delicate scaffolding to dry under the sun. The estate was founded by Wilford's grandfather and has an astonishingly long history that exceeds an entire century!

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