Heliopan KR15 (85B) Colour Balance Filter 39mm (E 39)

Heliopan KR15 (85B) Colour Balance Filter 39mm (E 39)

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Heliopan KR15 (85B) Colour Balance Filter 39mm (E 39)

  • Made in : Germany
  • Diameter : 39mm

The Heliopan KR 15 (85B) Filter is a color conversion filter that helps to slightly decrease color temperatures and provide a warming effect. The 85B converts daylight (approximately 5500K) to 3200K in order to use tungsten-balanced film outdoors. There is a 1.5x filter factor with this filter, requiring an increase of 0.6 stop for normal exposure.

  • Brass Ring Construction
  • High Quality Multi-Coated Schott Glass
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