BERGGER Prestige Variable CM (Semi-Matt)

BERGGER Prestige Variable CM (Semi-Matt)

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  • BERGGER VARIABLE CM is a poly contrast baryta paper with warm tones. It belongs to the family of chlorobromide papers, therefore, DMax is very high. The surface is matte.
  • PRESTIGE VARIABLE CM is able to produce both a soft picture, and a hard grade picture, due to the incorporated sensitizers (blue and red sensitizers) in the emulsion. Using multigrade filters, grades from 0 to 5 can be achieved by half grade steps. 

Availability :

Packaging Size
25 sheets 8 x 10 inch
10 sheets 8 x 10 inch
25 sheets 9,5 x 12 inch
25 sheets 11 x 14 inch
25 sheets 12 x 16 inch
25 sheets 16 x 20 inch
25 sheets 20 x 24 inch


  • sensitivity ISO R: 200 (without filter)
  • DMax before toning: 1.8
  • Safelight: Ilford 902
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