Tetenal Ultrafin T-Plus 500ml
Tetenal Ultrafin T-Plus 500ml
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Tetenal Ultrafin T-Plus 500ml

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  • For all B/W films, ideal for T-Grain films
  • Exceptional fine grain
  • Effective utilization of film speed
  • Impressive tone reproduction
  • Easy mixing
  • High capacity
  • Excellent storage characteristics
  • Dilution: 1+4
  • Temperature: 20°C
  • Capacity: 50ml, max. 30 rolls film for 135-36

Ultrafin T-Plus gives very fine grain and utilizes the film speed fully. A big plus – in the truest sense of the product name– are the enhanced shadow details and herewith an impressive tone reproduction.

The mixing instructions including the developing times are printed on a three-page, peelable label on the front of the bottle. The safety instructions are printed on the rear side of the bottle, also on a three-page, peelable label.

Regarding the developing times, Tetenal has also caused a considerable simplification. Instead of 2 different agitation procedures: 3 seconds and 1-minute rhythm with each 2 different contrast indexes of 0,55 and 0,70 - and therewith totally 4 different development times –Ultrafin T-Plus uses the new 30 s agitation with a contrast index of 0,65. The drum must be agitated permanently during an initial phase of 30 seconds, afterward once every 30 s.

The liquid concentrate is easy to mix, partial mixing is possible without any problems. Ultrafin T-Plus is easy and safe in application. Thanks to the excellent storage characteristics of up to 2 years for the concentrate and up to 2 months for the working solution, Ultrafin T-Plus is ideal for users with the low working flow.

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