Fujifilm QuickSnap Waterproof Single Use Camera (27 Exp)

Fujifilm QuickSnap Waterproof Single Use Camera (27 Exp)

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  • Pre-loaded with ISO 800 35mm film. Larger-Sized shutter release. Waterproof up to 35 ft. (10m) deep.


Film: ISO 800/30° 135 - 27 exp.

Lens: 32 mm f/10, fixed-focus lens

Shutter Speed: 1/125 secs.

Exposure Conditions: Outdoors on sunny or slightly overcast days.

Subject-to-Lens Distance:

Open air: Beyond 1 meter (Outdoor daylight bright or cloudy-bright)

Submerged: Between 1 to 3 meters (Outdoor bright daylight clear water)

Finder: Inverted Galilean-type plastic lens finder

Water Resistance (Pressure): Depth of up to 35 feet (10 meters)

Size: 73 (H) x 133 (W) x 42 (D) mm 

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