Kodak Signet 35 KE-7 US Airforce

Kodak Signet 35 KE-7 US Airforce

Kodak Signet 35 KE-7 US Airforce


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It is often said that things used to be made better, made to last.  You may agree or disagree depending on the type of toaster sitting in your kitchen right now.  And if you have ever had the chance to own or shoot a Kodak Signet I’m making a wild presumption that you do agree.  If you have one or have had a chance to shoot one kept in good condition then there is little doubt of the superior quality and craftsmanship of a bygone era. 

The Kodak Signet is a small to mid size rangefinder that was made in the 1950s for the United States Airforce.  Meaning it would take a bullet for you, or at least a mere piece of flaming shrapnel, or at the very least a couple buckshots of pebbles kicked up at you from the side of the road, trying to get that high-speed chase money shot.


Life saving aside, it is a camera worth looking into, especially if you enjoy shooting rangefinders. The Signet 35 has a split image rangefinder and is packing an Ektar 44mm f3.5 lens that is so sharp it can cut through the thickest smokers breath on a hazy Hong Kong day as the images below demonstrate. 

Three other notable features of the camera are the creeper-quiet sound of the shutter, the ease of focusing due to the large focusing ring, and best of the bunch- being able to focus on an object as close as two feet away. Perfect for any Bresson-loving voyeur of street photography. 

The Signet is also very affordable, running anywhere from $30-$50 USD. Below are a set of images all shot on the Signet 35 in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong on Tri-X @400 ISO.  


Set of images shot on the Kodak Signet 35 in Shum Shui Po, Hong Kong on Kodak Tri-X

By Vishal Soniji


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