41st ICS Classica Camera Fair at Matsuya Ginza

41st ICS Classica Camera Fair at Matsuya Ginza

41st ICS Classic Camera Fair at Matsuya Ginza


Vishal Soniji 
Camera Film Photo's Founder


Every year I travel to Japan to attend the ICS camera fair which takes place three times a year.  First one takes place in February at "Matsuya Ginza", second and third one in June and September at Tokyu Department store in Shibuya.

In my opinion the first one is the best classic camera fair to attend because its the first fair of the year and there are some really great items for sale. 

For collector its heaven as they are always able to find something to add to their collection.  However the fair is also been for over the years a place for many traders form all over the world to attend to stock up for their stores.

If you a user, I highly recommend coming as you never know, you might end up with an epic deal or two because they are happy to give you a small discount and sometimes big ones for whatever you wish to purchase.


Floor Plan & Participants


アカサカカメラ (Akasaka Camera)
カメラのアルプス堂 (ALPS-DO)
三共カメラ (Sankyo Camera)
秀光 (Shukoh)
新橋イチカメラ (Shinbashi Ichi Camera)
スキヤカメラ (Sukiya Camera)
ダイヤモンドカメラ (Diamond Camera)
千曲商会 (Chikuma Camera)
ナショナル・フォート (National Photo)
早田カメラ店 (Photo Bazar)
フォトベルゼ (Fotoborse)
富士越写真機店 (Fujikoshi Camera)
ペンギンカメラ ラッキーカメラ (lucky Camera)

かわうそ商店 (Kawauso)
カメラのゴゴー商会 (Go Go Camera)
ジェイダブリュー (J2 Camera)
セキ写真 (Sekisyashin)
タカナシカメラ (Takanashi Camera)
東京CAMERA (Tokyo Camera)
日東商事 (Nitto Shoji)
カメラのハヤシ商事 (Toshima)



ICS Matsuya Camera Fair Address

8F, Matsuya Ginza 
3-6-1 Ginza,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 104-0061


10:00am to 8:00pm

Last day ends at 5:00pm


More images to be added, after the start of the fair.

In the meantime, if you are lining up in the morning! Good Luck on your purchases! See you tomorrow!



ICS website Here


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